Photovoltaics - Open Space Systems / Solar Parks

Video about the "Solar Park Lieberose" in Brandenburg, Germany.
53 megawatts on an area of 162 hectares. (Comments in German. Source: First Solar):

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Opinion of the SFV: On average, 125 hectares of land are converted into settlement and traffic areas in Germany every day (Source: Wikipedia> surface sealing).
Although PV-mounted systems do not seal surfaces, they remove land from a more natural use. While under a wind farm land or forest management is perfectly possible, this is not practical with open space PV systems in a solar park.
On the other hand, not even 3 percent of roofs, facades and noise barriers (late 2009) are used for solar power systems in Germany. The SFV calls for urgent use of roofs, facades and noise barriers, even if it is currently somewhat more expensive.