Heat from electricity (heat pump)

The calculator assumes that the missing energy for low-temperature heating is to be met by electrical power. This applies as long as there is enough electricity generated from renewable energies.

Mathematically, the calculator first checks how many TWh of low-temperature heat available (total sum in green box) are missing for covering the future low-temperature heat demand (brown box).

Then it is calculated how much electricity is needed for creating the missing low-temperature heat by using heat pumps. To carry out this calculation the slider [Heat from electricity (heat pump, etc.)] in the green box has to be set to a sensible value.
This value is an average taking into account various technologies. Ground-source heat pumps provide a heat output of, at most, four times as large as their power consumption. The heat pump would then have the coefficient of performance (COP) of 4 and the slider would have to be set to 400%. In winter, however, this value is considerably lower, especially for air-source heat pumps. But it is still well over 100. The slider is to be set to an estimated average for all the technologies.